More About Showreels

Why should I consider a showreel?

Think of your showreel as a smart way to promote yourself and show off your acting talents. It gives agents, directors and others in the profession instant access to your ability and style.

Why shoot a showreel scene?

You may already have material for a showreel and just need that little extra to finish it off. A different genre or sub-genre maybe. Or you may be building up a library of material as you can afford it until you have enough to produce that final showreel. By offering you different packages, we give you the flexibility to decide how that pieces together.

What is a Showreel Scene?

Your showreel will be made up of a number of scenes, normally of differing styles so that you can really show off your talents to the world. A showreel will normally be made up of 2-3 scenes. We shoot you a scene of up to a maximum of 1.5 minutes, about a page and a half of script. This gives you plenty to play with when producing your final showreel, by either including all of the work within the scene, or breaking the scene down to the best or most relevant part(s) of your performance.

Do I need more than one showreel?

It is quite normal for actors to have more than one showreel, after all, you can’t always know who your audience will be. By having a showreel portfolio, you will be able to direct casting directors and agents to the most appropriate one.

If I shoot a showreel scene with you, can I give it to someone else to produce me my overall showreel?

Whilst we’d love you to consider us to edit your final showreel (see also our full showreel package and showreel editing package), once complete, you are free to take your showreel scene to someone else to combine it with your other material.

Why do you offer so many packages?

We understand that not everyone is at the same point in their career, and not everyone has the same budget. If you’re just starting out, it may be just as important for you to gain experience in front of a camera with a small production team in order to gain confidence, and the showreel scene is just a nice output. If you’re a seasoned actor wanting to update your reel, then working with a smaller team is more personal and gives you more control. Whoever you are, we are a small friendly team, flexible and available when you want us, in our sound treated, climate controlled studio.

Keeping it simple!

Remember, you are selling your talent, and whilst we can provide backing tracks, music, bespoke scenery etc for your reel, keeping it simple is by far the best way. We don’t want to distract the viewer from your performance with too much clutter and background noise. NB, because of this we steer away from filming horror, weapon or fight related scenes as they take up more time than is allocated for showreel scene filming.

How long should a showreel be?

The old adage of less is more is really key here. Whilst you might have many minutes of footage, you want your showreel to pop when a casting director or agent view it. So it needs to reflect you and your style, and the shorter the better we’d suggest.

Monologue or Duologue?

This is really down to personal choice. Your showreel really wants to be about you, however a duologue is a great way of showing off yours and a friend/colleagues talent as well as reducing the cost for both of you. Our Duologue price advertised is the total price payable, how you share it between you is up to you. If we are writing the script for you we try to balance the script equally between the two characters.

Can I film any genre?

We are broadminded, however given the time currently allotted to our showreel scene filming, there has to be a limit to what we can film. We will not film fight scenes or anything involving a weapon. Nudity is allowed, however it needs to be in context of the storyline and not detract from your overall performance. Sorry, but pornography is not our area of expertise so please don’t ask. As always, please call us to discuss the genre you’d like before booking.

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