Good Life

#13 - Duologue Scene, room set with props, you bring the script

See also Terms and Conditions. Showreel scene duration; 1 minute 30 seconds maximum.

This is for two people and a great way to reduce the cost as you can share it with a friend/colleague.

What you get:-

2 hours 30 minutes at the studio (we allow 2 hours for actual filming). A purpose built room set with simple props such as chair(s)/table and we’ll try to accommodate other props where available. Lighting, single camera, filmed HD, Max 2-hours editing time (you can input to a maximum of two changes where these are possible). A draft version of your scene will be delivered to you within 28-days via email (WeTransfer or similar) for your comment. The final copy will be sent shortly after we have received you comments and had time to make the changes requested. Professional wired and wireless mics and audio recording as required. Simple 3 or 4-way colour grade and sharpening.

Costumes are your responsibility to supply.

You may bring up to 2 friends with you who can sit and watch from the Reception/Green Room area.

IMPORTANT - Please discuss your script with us before booking to ensure it is compatible with our set options.

Price; £325

What, How and When You Pay

£160 non-refundable deposit via our online booking page when you book

£165 seven days before your appointment*. You call us and we arrange a card payment with you.

Total amount payable for this product is £325

Please note that our cancellation policy is 48-hours (see cancellation policy at time of booking). *It is your responsibility to ensure your payment is made or you will lose your booking and deposit.

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