Keeping it Simple

#03 - Monologue Scene, no frills, you bring the script, include portfolio shots

See also Terms and Conditions. Showreel scene duration; 1 minute 30 seconds maximum.

What you get:-

2 hours 30 minutes at the studio (we allow 2 hours for actual filming). Plain black backdrop (normally a curtain) with simple props, chair(s)/table. Lighting Single camera, filmed HD, delivered to you within 28-days via email (WeTransfer or similar). Professional wired and wireless mics and audio recording as required. Simple 3 or 4-way colour grade and sharpening.

Includes 2 professionally shot head and shoulder stills, sent as 4MB files & delivered to you within 28-days via email (WeTransfer or similar).

Costumes are your responsibility to supply. You may bring up to 2 friends with you who can sit and watch from the Reception/Green Room area.

Price; £225

What, How and When You Pay

£110 non-refundable deposit via our online booking page when you book

£115 seven days before your appointment*.  You call us and we arrange a card payment with you.

Total amount payable for this product is £225

Please note that our cancellation policy is 48-hours (see cancellation policy at time of booking).

*It is your responsibility to ensure your payment is made or you will lose your booking and deposit.

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