OPENING March 2022

How much for the basic package?

Our basic filming and editing package starts at just £200 inc. VAT. 

What does this include?

You get 2 hours and 30 minutes with us, normally 2 hours filming time in the studio, and we spend up to an additional 2 hours editing your showreel*

*This is the basic package, please read the terms and conditions and Showreel Menu where we describe your scene creation in more detail. Please feel free to call us to discuss anything you're not sure about before booking.

How long will my showreel scene be?

Your showreel scene running time will normally be up to 1 minute 30 seconds maximum.

What format do I get my film in?

Unless specifically agreed at the point of placing your order with us, your showreel will be sent to you electronically via either WeTransfer or similar and in a .mov format. We can provide 4K or ProRes files for an additional charge (please ask for more details).

When will I receive my showreel scene?

We aim to provide your completed film within 28 days or sooner of the shoot#

#1 If you choose the extra service of requesting changes to your edit, we aim to have the draft with you within 28 days, and will work through your requested changes delivering as soon as possible after that.

#2 If you choose the express service, we will deliver a draft edit within 3 working days, then work with you to completion as soon as possible if you have selected the extra service of requesting changes to your edit.

What should I expect on the day?

We pride ourselves on giving you a warm welcome and in helping you to relax into your performance. We allow 2 hours for filming with 30 minutes for you to relax, get used to your surroundings and rehearse your lines. We provide you with coffee, tea and water during your time with us, this is provided free of charge. The studio itself is sound treated and fully climate controlled. The air conditioning system includes a fresh air intake and filters to ensure a healthy working environment. We have toilet facilities upstairs within the building, and if the stairs are too much trouble we have facilities within our main building which can be available on request.

What equipment do you use?

We film with either our "A" cam Canon EOS C500MKII or "B" cam Canon EOS C200, both are cinematic cameras capable of shooting RAW light, 4K UHD although we tend to film 10-bit 4K with the C500, editing with an HD output H.264 for you. We can provide 4K or ProRes files  for a small extra charge on request.

We use both Sennheiser G4 wireless mics and Rode wired mics dependent on the scene. 

We professionally light each scene and have interchangeable scenery backdrops. Our backdrops are normally built for our "in-house" productions so are being regularly added to.

We have fluid head tripods, shoulder mounts, gimbal and slider, giving us the ability to create engaging content for you. 

We edit with Final Cut Pro X, using Magic Bullet Suite to colour grade.  

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, we are happy for you to bring up to 2 well behaved friends. Unless you need assistance we would normally ask them to sit in the reception area where they can watch proceedings through the viewing window whilst helping themselves to complementary tea, coffee or water. All guests must provide their name and address prior to arrival and will be asked to sign in and receive the safety/information brief.

When do you plan on taking your first customers?

Our building works are almost complete and we are taking our first customers in March 2022. Please follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information.

Take a look at our Showreel Scene Menu and book your reel here.

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