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We have been making documentaries, dramas and comedies since 2018. We usually have 2 to 3 projects in production at any one time. At the moment we are working on a 15 minute fictional documentary/drama  based on a retiring boxer, which will be followed by a 60 minute drama on the same subject later in the year.

2021 has seen us enter a small number of film festivals around the world, and this is the intended home for most of our self financed projects for the immediate future. We have a small production team working on these projects.

We also help producers, from simply filming their idea through to helping with DoP, director, writing, filming and editing. If you are a creative with an idea that you'd like to try filming, we'd be pleased to hear from you to discuss further. It is a good test for a writer for instance to see how their work looks when it is professionally filmed with actors. Feel free talk through your ideas so that we can quote a price.

You can see some of our film festival entry work at our FilmFreeway project page here

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